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Modern Monty. Animal Alphabet Flash Cards sold by Gumnut Kids, Modern Monty online stockist based in Sydney
Modern Monty. Animal Alphabet Flash cards sold by Gumnut Kids, online children's store in Berowra, NSW. L is for lion
Modern Monty. Alphabet Animal Flash Cards. The cards are pegged up on a string and hanging across the room as a beautiful educational display in the toyroom.
Modern Monty. Animal Alphabet Flash cards. The cards are pegged up on a strong and hanging along the wall in a baby nursery. Sold by Gumnut Kids, online Modern Monty stockist.
Modern Monty. Animal Alphabet Flash Cards. A preschool child practising their writing skills and letter formation by using the flash cards sold by Gumnut Kids.
Modern Monty. Animal Alphabet Flash cards. A young boy is playing with the flash cards and has the set on the ground with his animal figurines. Sold by Gumnut Kids, online children's store based in Berowra, NSW.

Animal Alphabet Flash Cards

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Modern Monty Alphabet Flash Cards with Animal Pictures

Double-sided, premium quality flash cards with learning opportunities for older babies up to kindy children. The cards are durable and matte-laminated and so well suited for toddlers with stocky fingers. They come an a beautiful box and make a great gift idea. 

This set of flash cards have been designed for use by three years old onwards with adult support and for independent play and learning for six year old children and older. 

The front of these flash cards include:
1) The letter in upper and lower case in an easy to read font.
2) The animal’s name.
3) Beautiful and realistic watercolour art by Australian artist Amanda Borchers - realistic art is best for learning.

The back of the cards include:
1) The alphabet with the letter circled. Young learners can visualise the entire alphabet in order and see where the specific letter fits.
2) The animal name is shown in school-approved font to prompt handwriting practice. Exposure to a range of easy to read fonts is important for young readers and writers.
3) 3 interesting facts are featured for each animal including habitat, diet and a fun fact. 
4) The world map with highlighted countries and areas showing where the animal is from. This assists with early geography learning. 

Aa is for Alpaca
Bb is for Bear
Cc is for Cockatoo
Dd is for Deer
Ee is for Elephant
Ff is for Fox
Gg is for Gorilla
Hh is for Horse
Ii is for Impala
Jj is for Jaguar
Kk is for Koala
Ll is for Lion
Mm is for Moose
Nn is for Narwhal
Oo is for Otter
Pp is for Panda
Qq is for Quoll
Rr is for Rhinoceros
Ss is for Sloth
Tt is for Tiger
Uu is for Upland Goose
Vv is for Vole
Ww is for Whale
Xx is for X-ray Fish
Yy is for Yak
Zz is for Zebra 

Designed and illustrated in Australia. Made ethically in China in an environmentally responsible manner. Ready for dispatch (if in stock) from Sydney.