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Save over $500 a year by switching to Sinchies

How much money could you save a year by switching to Sinchies? 

In this blog I am going to calculate how much money you will save if you make one simple switch. If you use Sinchies reusable food pouches instead of buying disposable yoghurt pouches at the supermarket, you can save over $500 a year. 

Lets say you bought Dairy Farmers 130ml yoghurt pouches. They are $2.25 each at a well known Australian supermarket. I will also assume your child eats one every day. $2.25 * 7 * 52 = $819. It will cost you $819 to buy good quality, low sugar yoghurt pouches for your child each year. 

Sinchies Reusable food pouch Sydney

Instead of pouches, you can get the 1L Dairy Farmers yoghurt for $5 a tub. 1L = 1000ml. 1000/130ml = 7.69..... So I will be generous and say that a 1L tub will fill 7 reusable food pouches. Perfect! One for every day of the week. 

You will need to buy a tub of yoghurt a week. Let's see how much that costs. $5 * 52 = $260. So now, you are only spending $260 on the exact same yoghurt. 

But of course, you need to purchase some Sinchies 150ml reusable food pouches (a 10 pack, in case you lose some etc). Just to make it easier you can also buy yourself a Sinchies collapsible funnel to help you fill the pouches, even though there are also a few other free ways to fill them. We need to add this cost on to our yoghurt. $260 + $22 + $6.50 = $288.50. So all up it will now cost you $288.50 a year.

So exactly how much can you save? $819-$288.50= $530.50. 

You will save $530.50 a year. This is only switching to yoghurt. You could even ditch store bought yoghurt and make your own. Sinchies pouches are versatile so imagine the savings if you use them for other things too. 

Saving money is only one benefit. By switching you will be reducing waste and sending a message to the supermarkets that you are sick of disposable plastic.


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