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Why buy Petit Bamboo?

Petit Bamboo Sydney Berowra Bubs

Benefits of Petit Bamboo Babywear

Petit Bamboo produces quality baby wear that is affordable. Have confidence that you are dressing your bub in the highest quality natural fibre on the market.

  • Eco friendly
  • Luxuriously soft
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Anti-eczema
  • Anti-bacterial

Why I love Petit Bamboo

I love Petit Bamboo for three reasons. Petit Bamboo is ethically made, they are Australian owned and environmentally friendly.

Petit Bamboo is made in a BSCI-compliant factory and supports the global fair trade movement. This means that the workers that make Petit Bamboo are paid fairly and treated ethically. 

Petit Bamboo is also Australian owned (by an Australian mum) and designed. When you make a purchase of Petit Bamboo babywear you will keep profits and taxes in the Australian economy.

Petit Bamboo babywear is made from a 95% bamboo blend using the mechanical method. Bamboo is a sustainable option that is better for the environment. Petit Bamboo is a member of the Chemical Free Community and is organic which means there are no trace chemicals in your bubs clothing. Cotton fibres (unless organic) contain trace elements of chemicals from herbicides, pesticides and fertilisers that are used when the cotton is grown. The cotton plant also requires far more water to grow when compared to bamboo. This is an important issue for sustainability in the clothing industry, as the Earth’s freshwater supply is becoming increasing limited,  Finally, the mechanical method of bamboo production is a far better alternative to the chemical method (as, like the name suggests, many chemicals are used) by which the majority of bamboo clothing is made. Petit Bamboo ticks all the boxes for environmental friendliness.

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If you are after a Petit Bamboo product that I do not currently have in stock you can purchase it direct from Petit Bamboo or contact me to order it for you.

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