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How to Fill Sinchies Reusable Food Pouches

One of the concerns people have when they are considering switching to reusable food pouches is how easy they are to fill. With Sinchies it really is easy!

There are a few different ways you can fill your pouches. Personally I use a measuring jug with a pour lip and either stand the Sinchies pouch up on it's own if it is a side spout pouch or hold the top spout pouch in my other hand. If I accidently overfill or spill some food on the outside of the pouch then I simply rinse with water or wipe down with a cloth after I have sealed it.

Use a Filling Funnel

Sinchies make a collapsible filling funnel that has been purposely made to fill Sinchies pouches. This accessory works great when combined with a Sinchies filling station or is fine on it's own too. I would recommend a filling funnel if you want to pour yoghurt from a tub.

Sinchies Filling Station and Filling Funnel

Use a 1L Sinchies pouch

If you have made your own food like puree or custard then using a 1L Sinchies pouch might be the easiest way to fill your pouches. Simply pour the food from the 1L Sinchies pouch into the smaller pouches. You can even store the food in the 1L pouch which is freezable. It's a great way to store things like homemade tomato sauce too.

Filling Sinchies Reusable Food Pouches

DIY Funnel

You don't need a Sinchies accessory to fill your pouches. As I mentioned earlier, I use a measuring jug. You might already have a funnel at home, or you can use a piping bag. You can make your own funnel by cutting the top off a plastic water or soft drink bottle. You could even use an old sauce bottle. 

The following video demonstrates filling top spout Sinchies using a filling station.


How do you fill your Sinchies? If you have any questions or advice please comment below.

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