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10 Playgrounds within 20 minutes from Berowra

Get some new park inspiration and take your little ones somewhere different this week to play! Try out one of our 10 park recommendations with playgrounds that are close to Berowra.

1. Asquith Oval Park

Asquith Park is definitely a favourite local park since its revamp in the last few years. It is large and there is enough equipment to entertain big and little kids, including a tennis table! Kids can play on the logs and amongst the trees, then can go run down on the oval or look at the dogs in the nearby dog park.  

  • Pros: Shade, toilets, lots of different things to do
  • Cons: Not gated
  • Parking: Mills Ave or Rotherwood Ave, Asquith
  • Photo credit:

Asquith Park Berowra Bubs

2. Barnetts Lookout Playground

This is a small playground and picnic area on the way to Barnetts lookout. There is a short concrete path to the lookout, that is pram friendly. A play, some food and a walk to the lookout is a great way to spend an hour. 

  • Pros: Beautiful scenery, quiet, it's in Berowra
  • Cons: No toilet, sandflies and mosquitoes (avoid going in summer or take repellent), not gated
  • Parking: End of Barnetts Rd, Berowra
  • Photo credit: 

Barnetts Rd Playground

3. Brooklyn Oval Park

If you have a train fan then bring them to this park! There is a gorgeous little train to play in, as well as swings, and also equipment to entertain older children. It is also next to an oval and a short walk to the water.

  • Pros: Toilets, gated
  • Parking: Baden Powell Ave, Brooklyn

4. Cowan Oval Park

This park is a hidden treasure and worth the trip to Cowan to check it out. There is a rock climbing wall and even exercise equipment for adults. Hang out with the brush turkeys, go for a stroll along the bush track or a run around the oval, this is a great place to spend a morning or afternoon.

  • Pros: Shade, toilet, quiet
  • Cons: Not gated, sometimes too quiet - bring a friend
  • Parking: End of Park Rd or Bujwa Bay Rd, Cowan

5. Dusthole Bay 

Argghhhh me hearties! If you have a pirate fan then bring them to this park for a play in the boat and nautical themed playground. You wouldn't come to Berowra Waters just for this park, but there is lots to see and do as well. Check out the marina, catch the ferry and go for a little bushwalk along the water.

  • Pros: Beautiful scenery, cafe and BBQ area close by
  • Cons: Not much shade, small playground
  • Parking: Carpark at Berowra Waters West or park on the east side and catch the ferry across. 
  • Photo credit:

Dusthole Bay Berowra Waters Playground

6. Golden Jubilee Field Playground

A wonderful make believe world exists in this playground called Tiny Town. It is a great place for little ones to explore and pretend. They can ride their scooters around Tiny Town as well. Older children will be entertained by the climbing structure that leads to a slide, and swings. 

  • Pros: Tiny Town is awesome!
  • Cons: You have to walk quite a distance for toilets and a tap. 
  • Parking: Esk St, North Wahroonga (turn right at Westbrook Ave)
  • Photo Credit:

Golden Jubilee Playground Berowra Bubs

7. Hornsby Park

There is actually 13 parks in Hornsby that I could have mentioned! Hornsby Park is centrally located and lots of fun for little ones. It is near the pool so you can combine it with a swimming trip! Apart from the playground itself at the north of the park, there are beautiful gardens to have a picnic in. 

  • Pros: Toilets, BBQ, gated, shade, close to cafes
  • Cons: Parking can be limited during busy times
  • Parking: Peats Ferry Rd, Aquatic Centre car park or Dural Lane car park. 

8. Hunt Reserve

Mount Colah has a few good parks including Oxley Reserve and Foxglove Oval, but Hunt Reserve gets overlooked as not many people realise there is a playground. It has a wooden playground great for climbing and swinging. There is not really equipment suitable for babies but plenty of space close by to have a picnic and lie in the shade.

  • Pros: Toilets, shade, gated, quiet
  • Cons: Sometimes too quiet - bring a friend
  • Parking: Car park off Beryl Ave, Mt Colah
  • Photo Credit: Hornsby Shire Council

Hunt Reserve Playground Mount Colah Berowra Bubs

9. McKell Park

McKell Park is a popular tourist spot and busy on weekends. It is well worth a visit through with a fun playground, close to the water, trains to look at as they go by, and in summer time you can even swim at Brooklyn Baths. There is heaps to do near this park and you can even catch the train here!

  • Pros: Toilets and swimming close by, BBQ area, beautiful scenery, close walk to cafe.
  • Cons: Parking can be limited
  • Parking: Car park at the end of Dangar Rd, if that is full you can park up the hill on Dangar Rd. If worse comes to worse you can park at Parsley Bay Boat Ramp and walk around next to the water (this is a tad bumpy for strollers).
  • Photo credit:

McKell Park Playground Brooklyn Berowra Bubs

10. Mount Ku-ring-gai Oval Playground

Our final park is another hidden treasure. Castle themed equipment, swings and a slide, are just some of the things you will find to play with at the park. There is lots of shade and seating to watch the kids play.

  • Pros: Gated, toilets, shade
  • Cons: The ground is mulch so not great for crawlers. 
  • Parking: Carpark at the end of Flanders Ave, Mount Ku-ring-gai

Mount Ku-ring-gai Oval Playground

We hope you have fun enjoying the parks on this list! 

Do you have a favourite we missed? Recommend a local park in the comments!

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